Hi all,

I stayed on in Croatia following on this year’s Pow Wow and took that opportunity to swim along the coast around Bresc.

The video below is my attempt to share the feelings and experience of swimming in open water along wild coasts. It’s an ode to the freedom and the feelings of being in the sea, watching the lights, hearing the sounds, touching the water.

Finding surprising caves, passages and … trees, like the one in the video, fallen not too long along from the cliffs, directly into the sea. An arresting, very mysterious and memorable moment when i stumbled upon it.

It was shot and all sounds recorded in one day (except the two shots where seatrekkers are seen which was during the Pow Wow), and featuring a bit of the wild weather Croatia can throw at you even in summer.

I hope you will enjoy, watch in the dark and listen with earphones if you can to be immersed in the natural sounds.




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