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      Hi all, I have added the following functionalities in the Trails page:

      1. New pins have been placed at key points along the trails, the categories used so far are:
        • Play sign = start of seatrek
        • Hiking = good hiking area or trail
        • Diver = good freediving, cave or snorkeling area or spot
        • Tent = suggested bivouacking spot
        • Water drop = water supply or source
        • Shopping cart = food supplies
        • Arrow down = warning or important note
      2. Pins are now clickable and will display some information as well as a direct link to the corresponding detailed Trail

      You can only see and trial these improvements on France – Corsica – Bonifacio trail for now, until the others are enhanced with the same markers and notes. Go here to check it out: Trails

      Let us know your comments and if you have any suggestions for change and improvements!

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      A new orange “Pause” icon has been added to identify trail being designed/planned by the community. Do not hesitate to send your trail plans to the admin team for inclusion in the trail map.

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      I like the idea of having different markers displayed on the map – and them being clickable with extra info is also great.

      I am aesthetically not convinced – currently there are a lot of strong and very different colors and I think that could be improved in the future. I completely agree that it’s not essential, though 🙂

      One thing that could be nice to do now, would be to only display most markers starting from a certain close-up zoom level.

      This makes sense: trail close up with markers

      But the following are weird and mostly annoying:

      zoomed out zoomed out further

      Maybe that’s easily doable? WordPress? ;P

      When clicking around, I noticed that the link inside the start pin is currently directing to a 404 Not Found page. Not sure what went wrong there – but being able to click from the trail start map marker right into the trail description is a great feature!

      Thanks for the constant improvements 🙂


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      Thanks for the feedback Martin, it’s helpful, I will check the parameters of the associated WordPress (!) plugin and see if these things can be done.

      Regarding the 404 error, I found the culprit, it was only affecting one trail (FR-Bonifacio), and I am happy to report it is now fixed!

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