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      Hi all,

      After 6 months of effort and knock backs, our article about Seatrekking has been finally approved and published on Wikipedia!


      This is somewhat a milestone and definitively good news and encouraging for such a nascent outdoor activity as seatrekking to have been included in the main online Encyclopedia.

      We hope that this will increase awareness of seatrekking and draw like-minded people to it.

      This was a team effort with @martin, @martina and @bernhard, so well done and thank you guys.

      The article had to be trimmed down significantly to satisfy Wikipedia’s stringent rules, but we can now gradually enhanced by the community.

      The definition and practice associated with seatrekking is what we make of it as a community and so we encourage all of you to chime in and contribute to the WIKI.

      This also kicks off the WIKI section of this community website.

      The WIKI section’s vocation (click on WIKI in the top menu!) is to capture and document the practice, useful information and guidance related to seatrekking.

      Let’s make this WIKI a rich and collective body of knowledge!

      Direct access to the Wikipedia source article on our WIKI

      Looking forward to your contributions in any area of the WIKI!


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      Big thanks to @Aegir for relentlessly resubmitting! :))

      Great to see the article out there in the wild!

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