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This is the report and description for the following trek:


  • Country: Croatia
  • Region: Kvarner Bay/ Primorsko Goranska
  • Start location: Marina of Sveti Grgur (Restaurant Arta)
  • End location: Marina of Sveti Grgur (Restaurant Arta)
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Participants: Heiko, Nathalie, Christian
  • Water temperature: 20 – 21 °C
  • Air temperature: 20 – 25 °C (day)
  • Ocean conditions: Partly heavy current in the south between the island of Rab and Sveti Grgur, larger waves on the northern flank
  • Wind conditions: Mostly calm, except at the northern flank. Warning: Heavy Bura winds can appear especially during September!
  • Coastline: Flat coastline in the west (harbors and beaches), huge cliffs at the northern flank (no exit) and mid cliffs/ rocks in the eastern and southern part.
  • Seabed: Mostly sandy with seaweed, a few rocks, and stones
  • Period: Octobre


Sveti Grgur (Saint Georg) is a small uninhabited Island between Rab and Krk which is surrounded by a sad story. We were pleased by the rough landscape, the small bays and the historical background of this small isle.

The trail around the island of Sveti Grgur is one of the few possibilities to round an island in a reasonable period. There are a few bays in the southern area to rest or to leave the water. On the other hand, it is not possible to leave the sea in the northeastern region (Cape Kovaca – Zabadnja bay). The coast is embossed by steep cliffs in the north and smaller rockfaces in the southeast. The western part consists mostly of beaches, harbors, and docks.

We did not see much fish on this trail. The underwater world changes between sand, seagrass, and stony areas. In the south, we discovered a small cave.

A highlight of this trek is the former labor camp in the western part of the island. We encountered decayed buildings, a cistern, and much more. No tourists were there in October. I would advise against a visit in August and September. In this period most of the tourists visit the island while in September the Bura winds whistle around. Make sure to have enough water with you as the island does not have any natural sweet water sources.

This trail isn’t for beginners as the four kilometers along the northern flank, without exits are really exhausting. This stage can be overcome by foot which doesn’t automatically make it much easier because of the change in altitude.

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