Palau, one of the smallest nations on earth, and one of the most vulnerable to climate change, has been taking decisive actions towards conservation since becoming an independent nation in 1994.

Its National Marine Sanctuary now covers 80% of its exclusive economic zone, for a total of 500,000 square kilometres (approximately equivalent to the size of France), and Palau has taken an additional positive step to help educate visitors, to make them part of the solution.

Palau has created and established the ‘Palau Pledge’, which requires every entrant to sign a commitment in their own passport to protect the natural environment and respect local traditions.

The Palau Pledge is now a mandatory part of the immigration process for anyone entering Palau, no doubt that this will inspire other countries to do the same and push in the right direction for global awareness and conservation of oceans.

Palau is on the wish list of some community seatrekkers. It has everything mangroves to reefs, open water and sheltered coves, myriads of islands, unique fish and shells species and a famous lake of harmless jellyfish.

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