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  • Country: Portugal
  • Region: Lisboa- Cascais
  • Start: Praia de Cresmina
  • End: Praia de Agrada
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Participants: Aegir
  • Water temperature: 18C (July)
  • Air temperature: 25C (July)
  • Ocean conditions: Small swells, mediocre visibility to 10-12 meters – Can be very rough to impossible
  • Wind conditions: Light – Can be very windy
  • Coastline: Medium cliffs, rocky, great hiking with practically nobody except and handful of fishermen
  • Seabed: Medium rocks, medium seaweed, lots and lots of fish and shells
  • Period: July


Start from Praia de Cresmina which you can get to from Cascais by bus (15 min). Swim north and follow the increasingly rugged coastline. Ocean swell makes for a challenging swim luckily small pebble beaches are frequent to provide for a safe harbour and rest when needed.

Vary your journey by hiking along the coast which is open but fairly strenuous with steep climbs and descents, luckily over reasonable heights. There are a variety of paths but if you stick close to shore you can’t be wrong and will soon find another entry point.

While I did not myself bivouac at the time for lack of equipment, some pebble beaches provide for suitable accomodation, however be sure to verify the tides and highest water levels before settling in.

Some pebbles beach have abandoned fishermen shacks that can be used for good shelter in case of adverse weather or wind. Check the pictures for an idea. In all cases a walk-out is relatively within an hour of hiking or so by heading towards habitation and the road leading back to Cascais.

The best halfway bivouac spot seemed to me to be Praia de Louriçal for its large and high beach as well has smaller adjoining ones more sheltered, or alternatively a grassy area on higher grounds (but not sheltered). Bivouac should only be established after sunset (and lifted just after sunrise) due to proximity of the lighthouse and passing hikers.

The second half of the trek is less isolated and more diverse with large sandy areas and more human presence. A bus route runs along the coastal road every hour or so and will take you back to Cascais.

Overall a fairly challenging swim over 2 days or a overnight trek with might be worth it if you are in the area and if the weather is dead calm.

Warning! The ocean can be very rough in this part of the coastline and a walk-out point may not be guaranteed unless you have advanced free climbing skills (grade 5 minimum).



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