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Beach Cleanup

Beach cleanup is the activity of picking trash and debris from the beach or from the coast and disposing of it appropriately.

Started more than 30 years ago, beach cleanups has become of worldwide movement with hundreds of millions of kilos of trash collected on the shores around the world every year.

A number of worldwide organisations and associations support this movement, amongst which Ocean Conservancy non-profit organisation which has a comprehensive program and useful resources related to beach cleanups.

Please head here for more information and ressources on beach cleanups:


Picking up trash can potentially be harmful as debris may present nails, syringes, used chemicals or other hazards that may harm you.

The following equipment is recommended for a beach or coastal cleanup:

  1. Equip yourself with work gloves, preferably thick and reusable
  2. Use thick and resistant trash bags, or preferably reusable containers such as crates or trailers
  3. Have a first-aid kit handy for minor cuts and scrapes

Beach and shore cleanup are an activity seatrekkers have been doing naturally and are expected to do on all their trails as part of their active engagement towards preserving the ocean and the marine ecosystems traversed.

Seatrekking often involves stopping along the coastline, whether on beaches or rocky shores. This is the opportunity for seatrekkers to do a cleanup whenever necessary and dispose of the trash and debris appropriately.

In order to actively contribute to the understanding and knowledge of pollution at sea, seatrekkers keep a register of the categories, types and amount of thrash collected on their trails and report this data to the competent local or global organisations and research groups.

Please refer to condition_reports article for details on how and who to report your beach cleanup findings to.

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