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Exit Points

Exit point refers to places along the coastline where the seatrekker(s) can exit the water after completing a swimming, snorkeling or freediving section.

Exit points should planned and selected to enable a safe exit from the water without physical risks to the seatrekker or his equipment (no risk of slamming onto rocks, etc).

Typical Exit points are beaches or any easily accessible portion of the coastline, preferably sheltered from wind, waves, current or depth to allow for a safe exit.

Please refer to the Walk-out point page for details related to this special category of Exit points.

Important Notes

  • In a lot of cases the seatrekker(s) will have a number of exit points along their route however, note that along some coastlines, exit points are rare and few. This is the case when trekking is done along cliff sections where no exit can be made. Along these coastlines, careful exit planning is vital.
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