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Walk-out Points

Walk-out points are a special category of Exit points in that they allow the seatrekker(s) to walk out and away from the coastline.

A Walk-out point may be used for various purposes, such as for Safety, or for Planning.

For Safety

Walk-out points enable not only to get out of the safely water, but also to get away from the coast and reach a more sheltered area, or an urbanised area.

It may be necessary to walk out for the following safety related reasons:

  • Weather: Conditions at sea can deteriorate rapidly and it might be vital to get away from the shore,
  • Health: To seek medical support should any member of the team not feel well or hurt himself,
  • Equipment: If the safety equipment carried has been lost or has become inoperative,
  • Supplies: If the team has ran out of water and/or food.

For Planning

It may be necessary or desired to get away from the coast for various reasons, not related to Safety, but for Planning, for example:

  • Walk-out point are used as starting points for hiking sections of the trek, or
  • The seatrekker(s) may simply wish to shorten or abort the ongoing trek.
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